Video PresentationsHidden codes in the bible, what is this about? Well, God wants to show us that He is real, He is alive and it is only the fool that would say in his heart “He does not exist”. What is known but not shared with the body of believers or the world is that God has placed the names of people, places, events, and times in His word (Torah or the prophets). The funny thing is, it is only by using today’s computers that we are now able to see the many messages that have been embedded in the scripture by the use of equidistant letter sequences.

These presentations demonstrate how God inspired His word to be written and understood on the surface, AND at the same time in the body of the text, He embedded messages (names, places, events, and times) that only with our modern computers can be seen. No other book in the world can match or even compare to the book of scripture. So next time you pick up your Bible to read, think of it as having been given to you by your creator. Why? Only He could have given it to men.

The codes are only found in the original Hebrew text (Masoretic Text). For example, in the text called the Samaritan Pentateuch, also known as the Samaritan Torah, NO CODES CAN BE FOUND. This is why we recommend using the King James Version (it is based on the uncorrupted Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek text). 

Watch also the mystery of the codes of seven (7) as found in the New Testament – HERE. Read Intro to the Codes – HERE. Also, read, are the Torah Codes a fabrication? – HERE

1. Bible Codes – Equidistant Letter Sequences! Codes explained in brief by Gail Riplinger; the fingerprints of our divine God found in the scripture (5:44)

2. Chuck Missler gives us a brief introduction into the mystery of the Hebrew codes. Codes explained in brief and more; the fingerprints of our divine God (24:49)

3. More on the Bible codes - A DEEPER JOURNEY: Names, events and places have been found encoded over and over again; God speaks in equal distant letters. One word, AMAZING (1:32:27)

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Be no longer deceived, we invite you to read "It is TRUTH". Be prepared in truth before it is your turn to go onto the other side.

This book touches on a number of critical subjects that are taught in Christendom and it shows how man’s deception has twisted the word of God. If you want to worship God and follow Jesus (Yeshua) in spirit and in TRUTH, this book is for you. In reading the book I pray you understand God’s word as God intended.

This book is also fact-based. Evidence to support what is stated will be shown both biblically and historically by links and references to authoritative sources.

Contents include the following:
The commandments and the Torah | Deception in the church
Why would iniquity keep you out of Heaven? | Are you in God’s will?
Do you have the heart of an adulterer? | Are you thinking marriage?
What is true marriage? | Is polygamy sin in the eyes of God?
The right and wrong way to become one flesh and much more.

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