(Prov 25:2 [KJV])
It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter.

What many do not know is that the Bible is more than just a book of stories and prophecies. What we are about to share is very revealing and for us it shows without a shadow of a doubt that the Bible is a book that could only be given to us by God our creator.

To the student of the Bible, it is not only a book that contains history, people, miracles, and prophecies; it also contains HIDDEN CODES that reveal the names of people, places, times, and events during and post-Biblical times. The marvel is that these names, places, and events that are connected to modern history are all encoded in close proximity to each other in the Bible (Torah). No other book on earth that has been tested comes close to what has been found in the Bible. We believe that the Bible was indeed touched by the Hand of God. Also, God has placed a mathematical structure of sevens in the New Testament – Watch No. 1 beginning at 10:40 min.

TTGM has three presentations that share what has been found encoded in the Bible. Watch presentations 1 and 3.


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The word Torh (Torah) and YHWH (name of God in Hebrew) are found encoded in the five books of Moses.


In the first two and last two books of Moses, the word Torh (Torh/Torah) is found written at 49 space intervals (every 50th letter). The word YHWH (God) is found written in the middle book at 7 space intervals.

Example (nb. each count starts from the first letter of each book):

Geneses – “TORH” is found at 49 space intervals

Exodus – “TORH” is found at 49 space intervals

Leviticus – YHWH is found at 7 space intervals

Numbers – “HROT” is found at 49 space intervals (found spelled backward)

Deuteronomy – “HROT” is found at 49 space intervals (found spelled backward)

Geneses   –  Exodus   –  Leviticus   – Numbers   – Deuteronomy

TORH(49) > TORH(49) > YHWH(7) < HROT(49) < HROT(49)

Some say the Torah always points to God (YHWH)

What is the Torah (Torh)? The first five books of the Bible.


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The Genealogy of the names from the Book of Ruth are all found in Genesis 38, all at 49 space intervals and in CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER.


In Genesis 38 at 49 space intervals, the following names can be found in chronological order of their birth.

Boaz – is found at 49 space intervals in Gen 38

Ruth – is found at 49 space intervals in Gen 38

Obed – is found at 49 space intervals in Gen 38

Yishay (Jesse) – is found at 49 space intervals in Gen 38

David – is found at 49 space intervals in Gen 38

….Coincidence? Listen to Chuck Missler

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The names of people and events from the New Testament are found in Isaiah 53. The only name not found was JUDAS (interesting). Also found encoded at equal distance spaces in Isaiah 53: was “Yeshua is my name”


Here are the following names that have been found encoded at equal distance spaces in Isaiah 53:

Peter, Matthew, John, Andrew, Philip, Thomas, James (x2), Simon, Thaddaeus, Matthias, Mary (x3) Salome, Joseph and much more.

Watch Dr Chuck Missler describe the findings in Isaiah 53. (watch Presentation 1)


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IF YOU HAVE EXAMINED WHAT WAS FOUND CODED IN SCRIPTURE and still do not quite understand what it means, we will help you further.

The Being behind the codes can see in FOUR dimensions. We as human beings in our normal life can only perceive three of these dimensions.

We will list the four dimensions the Being is able to see and navigate. 

1. The writing on the surface to communicate the activity and history on the pages we read (surface texts).

2. The placing of hidden codes into what we read (on the surface) and the Being is still able to make the surface texts sensible to understand (coded/hidden letters that form words).

3. The ability to arrange the letters in equidistant letter spaces and place the associated words in the same proximity to each other.

All three of the above can be done with some effort using computers. However, not even angels can achieve what is found in the following; No. 4

4. The names of people, places, dates, events, etc, not yet known to the writer(s) at the time were found coded. No angel or computer could have access to this future information, ONLY a Being that stands outside of time and space could know what was found coded. This being we call God.

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Next, with so much more.

Here we have Rabbi Moshe Zeldman sharing on the validation of the codes by modern-day scholars. (watch Presentation 2)


IMPORTANT: The checks were required to gain acceptance into scientific journals: 1. The Royal Statistical Society and 2. Statistical Science. 

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Understanding the mind behind the Bible codes
Try writing a book that makes sense and place equal distant letters that spell out words (codes) in the same area in one paragraph. Then have several other equal distant letters/words spelled out in the same paragraph that relates to the same topic. Then have these words that are coordinated in one area spell out the names of people, the dates they were born, the dates they died, and the country they lived in before the people were born. Then do the same in all the other paragraphs of the book. After you have installed all these underlying codes throughout the chapters, make sure the reader that reads your book still understands what is written on the surface.

This is why we call it the BOOK of books and no other like it. Listen to Gail Riplinger explain this in Presentation 1 

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PAGE UPDATED ON October 12, 2019:

By request, we have done the research and gathered the evidence behind the validation of the Hebrew/Torah Codes.

Here is the actual paper that was submitted to the journal of “Statistical Science” by Eliyahu Ripsin in 1994 (paper was coauthored by Doron Witztum, Eliyahu Rips and Yoav Rosenberg). This was allowed to be published only after four years of testing one million books to see if the codes were unique to the Torah (they were).

Here is the link to a well-respected website (+15 million members) with information from Statistical Science on the subject “Equidistant Letter Sequences (Torah Codes).”

Last, here is the software that anyone can use to confirm what was found already and continue with your own research – CLICK HERE.

Again, after you have watched and read, answer this… Coincidence?

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IMPORTANT: Modern-day Bible translations have text corruption; We recommend you study from the King James Version.

Here is why; watch presentation 2

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The next time you pick up the BOOK (Bible) of books, remember it has been given to you by the God of creation. It is worth studying, it contains the words to eternal life.

Again, if you found this information interesting and you want to know more about our wonderful book the Bible, we encourage you to watch the presentations on the subject

Be blessed in understanding.

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