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Zachary (Zac) Bauer expalins why we should only follow the Bible – HEBREW ROOTS MOVEMENT

Zachary (Zac) Bauer gives us reasons why the Book of Enoch can be called scripture.

History behind the making of the King James Bible (59:06)

The King James Bible vs Other Bibles {eg. NIV} –(17:49) –  [Both Kent Hovind and Dr Michael Mc Daniel show why the KJV is the most accurate translation of the Bible in English]

Why we only study from the King James version of the Bible?– (2 presentations)

Drama on Why King James  (37:26)

The Bible is super unique and no other book ever made in all time can ever come close – Two  Presentations –  [Chuck Missler reveals God’s design in the word of God

Are there really contradictions in the Bible? (23:31) – [Kent Hovind goes into detail to demonstrate how contradictions are really misinterpretations]

The Mystery of the Hebrew Codes found in the TORAH; the Bible old Testament (14:17) – Chuck Missler introduces the first known bible codes – also see bonus video] 

Here we have Rabbi Moshe Zeldman sharing on the recent history of the codes.(1:00:17) 

WE COMPARE THE BIBLE AGAINST OTHER “HOLY” BOOKS [What book do you place your Trust and eternal destiny in?] 


On September 28th, 2015, a school boy died and came back to life with a remarkable vision. Did he see World War III with Israel coming under attack? We invite you to listen to this chilling account (21:30)

Blood Moons of the Bible. The last blood moon was in Sep 2015 – Joel 2:30-31 (28:30)

The start of the Shemitah year linked to two Cows born with the number “7” – projecting economic collapse (15:00) 

Is the plan to take over the world’s economic system in motion?

The Shemitah year linked to economic collapse – next one due in Sep 2015 or just after (21:02)

The Mark of the Beast; Be Aware of the RFID Chip as shared by ABC News (2:28) 

Strange noises heard around the world,  first starting in 2011/2012 and now 2016. Is this the fulfillment of Jeremiah 25:30-31? (11:37).
30 Therefore prophesy thou against them all these words, and say unto them, The LORD shall roar from on high, and utter his voice from his holy habitation; he shall mightily roar upon his habitation; he shall give a shout, as they that tread the grapes, against all the inhabitants of the earth. 31 A noise shall come even to the ends of the earth; for the LORD hath a controversy with the nations, he will plead with all flesh; he will give them that are wicked to the sword, saith the LORD

Islam/Muslims in prophecy by Walid Shoebat (1:16:26)

Presentation with Michael Snyer on the post-tribulation rapture as detailed in scripture –  (28:45) 

End of Days – World War III soon here? –  (6:23) 

Was Judah Rabbi Ben Samuel a false prophet? –  (11:03)

A Red Heifer is born Aug 28, 2018 –  (2 presentations )

WORMWOOD: Could it be Wormwood is coming in 2029? –  (2 presentations ) 


Few believers understand the Roman Catholic Church and its “gospel” (5 videos)

The Roman church fought the reformers every step of the way. Watch this world history that will help you to understand how we got here.


Another perspective from a creationist point of view (5 Presentations) – [Kent Hovind and Dr.Grady McMurtry shares on evolutionary science]

MUST SEE: The Truth about the Fossil Record by Dr. Carl Werner (28:32)

Blood vessels found in fossils. Get ready to understand  (3 Presentations)

EARTH IS AT THE CENTRE OF THE UNIVERSE! This is by far our most controversial research *****
The Axis of Evil – Is there design in space and is our planet at the center of everything?

Experiments that were carried out at the turn of the 19th century that show the earth stationary in space.

If any Professor in a university openly shares on Intelligent Design with regards to a created universe, he can be expelled for good

Unlocking the Mystery of Intelligent Design (1:07:05)

A DNA journey that clearly demonstrates we all come from one father (Adam) and one mother (Eve) (5:16)

Discussion about the importance of the Cambrian Explosion(28:30) 

Atheist ask questions to Bill Wiese (man that died and saw hell) (12:00)

Carbon 14 date testing for age; the true story.

Carbon Dating explained so that everyone can understand. 

Kent Hovind and  Frank Turek answer some of the most difficult questions posed by atheists. A good listen. 


MUST SEE: The real definition of marriage/sex/fornication etc – in animation ( 4:54)

The Many and the Few; where do they go?

Should Christians give a tithe of their income/earnings to a church organization? ( 4:54)

Should Christians obey the commandments as stated in the New Testament? ( 41:04 )

Should Christians partake in yearly “holy days” like Christmas, Easter etc (multiple presentations) 

Gino Jennings kills Christmas (13:48)

Should Christians obey the Torah

How did the Jewish faith in Yeshua (Christ) change to a Gentile faith in Jesus; it’s time to get back on track (Jewish Yeshua vs Gentile Jesus)

The Pharisees formed their own doctrines in the time of Yeshua (also understanding what the modern day Rabies believe) and much more

What exactly is the trinity of God (5:53) 

Is the sinners’ prayer biblical and does it really work – three presentations.

A study on Polygyny – several presentations.

A further study on Polygyny – a straight up down to the earth talk by Pastor Dowell – two presentations 



MUST SEE: The factual truth about the muslim/islamic agenda for the world (5 presentations)

Muslim hatred for the Jews (and Christians) fueled by their leaders (37:43) – [BBC Documentary]

Dr. Nabeel Qureshi shares about his once faith in Islam (37:40)

Cats can be seen not walking on the Quran (2 presentations)


The rebirth of Israel in 1948, THE NATION (58:43)

Little David against the Giant Goliath in 1967 – The 6 Day War (48:51) 

Round 2: Little David and Goliath in 1973; Yom Kippur War (58:21)

Saddam here comes Israel in 1981 (44:21)

Syria here comes Israel in 2007 (44:50) 

Israel today (57.20)

Jews convert to Chrisitanity (3 presentations)

Jewish hatred is alive and well (37:43)

Jerusalem is the capital of Israel thanks to President Donald Trump on Dec 6, 2017 (2 presentations) 

The new “basic law” has been passed and it declares Israel to be the Jewish Nation State (4 presentations)


JWs share on their experiencees on the John Ankerberg’s ministry (1:32:31) 


Dr Myles Muroe explains the doctrine of the Kingdom – About the Kingdom of God Pt 1 (2 presentations) 

Dr Myles Muroe explains the doctrine of the Kingdom – About the Kingdom of God Pt 2 (3 presentations)

Commandments, law and the prophets. Should christians obey the laws of God (1:15:17) – [Dr Myles Muroe shares on the keeping of the commandments/laws of God from a Kingdom perspective] 

What we need to do to get into the Kingdom of God in spite of the world’s many temptations (5:53)

Dr Myles Munroe explains how the keys of the kingdom works (1:03:21)


How does satan deceive – an understanding of deception (4 presentations)

What believers need to fight the enemy of our souls (2 presentations)

How can someone be deceived? – see what happened to Mohammad Ali (17:31)

Satan’s great deception on what marriage really is (4:54) 

Satanic activity is little understood by most of today’s Christians. Here we open a small window that show the activities of the evil (40:00)


Dr Water Martin describes the staus with Mormons in God’s Kingdom. Also ex-Mormons share their knowledge about Joseph Smith the prophet (28:30)


The rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem continues to be a hot topic (5:02)


A rising organization in the world today; listen and understand what this group is about. 


What happens after you die? Here is the answer

The Book of Enoch is inspired by God.

Here we have testimonies of people that died and came back, also doctors share their own experiences

Bryan Melvin & Bill Wiese share on their experience in God’s presence and later in hell

Is the punishment of hell forever? (18:14) 

At the beginning of 2016 the stock markets of the world are going through a bit of turmoil. Notable commentators Gerald Celente and Dale Davidson comment on 2016 market predictions (26:24)

Just recently TTGM was invited to a night service. TTGM got there late but in time to see the preacher praying for some people at the front of the stage. What TTGM saw had the trademarks of something similar that merits a warning to the uneducated and vulnerable. To the believer we implore you to test the spirits (8:16)

The joys of the feminist movement and what they have accomplished (5 Presentations) 

Here we have two young women that have broken away from the world view (feminist ideology) to return to the Biblical understanding of what a real woman should be (4 Presentations) 

Should women be silent in church? – Yes they should be silent according to the word. John MacArthur explains from the Bible.

Should women be silent in church? – No they can speak.  John Schoenheit explains and TTGM responds.

Ms Shahrazad Ali gives us a historical perspective on male-female relationships and the damage done by a monogamy-only lifestyle – that DOES NOT WORK!

The Global Warming deception (5 Presentations) 

Carbon Dating explained so that everyone can understand

God’s saves the lost in a big way. This is long but short when compared to overwhelming value to all of us (1:24:49) 

Does HIV lead to AIDS? (5 Presentations)

The Shroud of Turin (Burial cloth of Yeshua)

They saw His face

Who are the Black Jews, are they the only ones that are going to be saved?

Should women cover their heads when praying and prophesying? Dr. John Barnett presents the answer.

Is your son/daughter all yours? What happens when a woman becomes one flesh with several men (sex or becoming one) 

Messianic Judaism believers 

Homosexuality is on the rise. However there is hope and deliverance

Miracles are still happening, you only need to know where to look (2:32) 

The church system deception (24:18) 

Why we call Him Yeshua (7:53) 

Are Christians in deception, are we in the age of apostasy? Listen to Zac Poonen and Dr Walter Martin on the subject (2 presentations)

God’s hand on our world shared here in several presentations.

God’s hand on our world shared here in several presentations.

Is Christianity Pagan?

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This book is also fact-based. Evidence to support what is stated will be shown both biblically and historically by links and references to authoritative sources.

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Why would iniquity keep you out of Heaven? | Are you in God’s will?
Do you have the heart of an adulterer? | Are you thinking marriage?
What is true marriage? | Is polygamy sin in the eyes of God?
The right and wrong way to become one flesh and much more.

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