Video Presentations: At the Truth of the Gospel Ministry we are mandated by our Lord to share the Truth in the light of God’s Word. Yeshua (Jesus) is Truth and we love Him as He is the Word. Anything or anyone, even an Angel that is not teaching according to the Word, we consider that one a deceiver. 

The videos on this page were carefully chosen for historical accuracy including commentaries by devout and sincere men of God. The reason for sharing these presentations is for the Roman Catholics that have placed their trust in The Roman Catholic Church (popes and vatican city) instead of Jesus Christ. No church can give us salvation, only belief in Christ and his “finished” work can save that which was lost – Listen to presentation 5 (ex-catholic). 

We Love every Roman Catholic and we pray that you read and study the Word for yourself. We pray that you come to know Christ (the Word) and believe His words to be above the words of any pope or council. Judge for yourself, does the Roman Catholic Doctrine agree with scripture. Read this page on Catholic doctrines. We have also put together what is called popeture

God is not the God of contradictions, He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow; He changes not. And man has no authority to change His word. 

1. A Woman rides the Beast - Dave Hunte shares on Revelation Chapter 17 and other (56:28)

2. The Catholic Inquisition; has it really come to an end? Is this organization really of a Holy God? Watch and understand the nature of the woman in Revelations 17 (58:27)

3. TTGM Uncovering an Unholy Silence - Pedophiles in the Catholic Church (Rome) (44:17)

4. Rob Zins on "Witness to Roman Catholicism" and speaks to Mary worship (1:55:22)

5. Why I'm No Longer a Roman Catholic - Dr Fred Tarsitano shares (14:51)

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Be no longer deceived, we invite you to read "It is TRUTH". Be prepared in truth before it is your turn to go onto the other side.

This book touches on a number of critical subjects that are taught in Christendom and it shows how man’s deception has twisted the word of God. If you want to worship God and follow Jesus (Yeshua) in spirit and in TRUTH, this book is for you. In reading the book I pray you understand God’s word as God intended.

This book is also fact-based. Evidence to support what is stated will be shown both biblically and historically by links and references to authoritative sources.

Contents include the following:
The commandments and the Torah | Deception in the church
Why would iniquity keep you out of Heaven? | Are you in God’s will?
Do you have the heart of an adulterer? | Are you thinking marriage?
What is true marriage? | Is polygamy sin in the eyes of God?
The right and wrong way to become one flesh and much more.

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To support our Ministry buy the Kindle ebook from Amazon ($0.99 USD) – Paperback is also available. You can also give away this book as a gift to family and friends.