Was Ellen G. White a Plagiarist?

There is much said on the topic of Ellen G. White and her being a plagiarist. In this paper, we will just focus on the evidence and leave you to decide if she was a plagiarist or not. We at TTGM believe that she was indeed a plagiarist both in the use of “drawings” and “words” from other books. We have based this conclusion on the work done by 7th Day Adventist Pastor  Walter T. Rea, in his book called the White Lie – Get your copy from Amazon (We suggest reading the comments).
(Matt 24:5 [KJV])
For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.

We present the evidence… 

Evidence showing Ellen G. White was a plagiarist.

Completed by TTGM – 13.01.2023

Ellen G. White copied “The Great Controversy” 1886, from “The History of Protestantism” 1876. We found that she not only copied the words but the drawings too! Then she claimed it was a revelation of God!

This is the drawing evidence that shows the alterations made from Drw 1 to 2. The published drawing was since removed from the modern versions, but can still be found in “The Great Controversy”, By Ellen G. White, in the original 1886 edition pages 76-77. 

Drw 1: Notice the name Hooper SC was replaced and the initial CG was changed in drawing 2. See enlarged image

Drw 2: Notice the name Hooper SC was replaced with Pacific Press Oakland Cal. (White’s company). and the initial CG was changed  to CC. See enlarged image

Drw 3: This second drawing was also included in “The History of Protestantism” and had the name “Shringe” replaced with Pacific Press Oakland, Cal (The Great Controversy). 

Drw 4: Another drawing updated with “Pacific Press Oakland Cal.”

Here we show one example of White’s copying from “The History of Protestantism” to “The Great Controversy”. You will notice that it is not always an exact word for word copy, but she demonstrates a thread of thought that flows parallel to the book printed ten years before her own.

Text from “The History of Protestantism” by Wylie.

Text from “The Great Controversy” by “Prophet” White.

Red sections indicate what was copied

Whom they traded, and the landlords in whose houses they lodge. The priests seldom carried to meet in argument the Waldensian missionary. To maintain the truth in their own mountains was not the only object of this people. They felt their relations to the rest of the Christendom. They sought to drive back the darkness, and re-conquer the kingdoms which Rome had overwhelmed. They were an evangelistic as well as an evangelical Church. It was an old law among them that all who took orders in their church should, before being eligible to a home charge, serve three years in the mission field. The youth on whose head the assembled barbes laid their hands, saw in prospect not a rich benefice, but a possible martyrdom. The ocean they did not cross. Their mission field was the realms that lay outspread at the foot of their own mountains. They went forth two and two, concealed their real character under the guise of a secular profession, most commonly that of merchants or pedlars. They carried silks, jewellery, and other articles, at that time not easily purchasable save at distant marts, and they were welcomed as merchants where they would have been spurned as missionaries. The door of the cottage and the portal of the baron’s castle stood equally open to them. But their address was mainly shown in vending, without money and without price, rarer and more valuable merchandise than the gems and silks which had…” (Wylie, 1876)

The Waldenses felt that God required more of them than merely to maintain the truth in their own mountains; that a solemn responsibility rested upon them to let their light shine forth to those who were in darkness; that by the mighty power of God’s word, they were to break the bondage which Rome had imposed. It was a law among them that all who entered the ministry should, before taking charge of a church at home, serve three years in the missionary field. As the hands of the men of God were laid upon their heads, the youth saw before them, not the prospect of earthly wealth or glory, but possibly a martyr’s fate. The missionaries began their labors in the plains and valleys at the foot of their own mountains, going forth two and two, as Jesus sent out his disciples. These co­laborers were not always together, but often met for prayer and counsel, thus strengthening each other in the faith. To make known the nature of their mission would have insured its defeat; therefore they concealed their real character under the guise of some secular profession, most commonly that of merchants or peddlers. They offered for sale silks, Jewelry, and other valuable articles, and were received as merchants where they would have been repulsed as missionaries. All the while their hearts were uplifted to God for wisdom to present a treasure more precious than gold or gems. They carried about with them portions of the Holy Scriptures concealed in their clothing or merchandise, and whenever they could do so with safety, they called the attention of the inmates of the dwelling to these manuscripts. When they saw that an interest was awakened, they left some portion with them as a gift. (White, 1886)

1. Here we have a short extract with Pastor Walter Rea and Dr. Desmond Forde on the John Ankerberg show discussing why they were both fired by the 7th Day Adventist Chruch. Get your copy of the White Lie on Amazon. Click/Tap to see the full interview – Presentation 1

2. Unearthing the truth behind the White Lie. Chapter 1381

3. The White lie Soap: Morgan’s letter to Walter Rae. Chapter 141

No matter how authoritative someone sounds or how good they write, or how nice they make you feel, we must always try the spirits by the word of God. The stance of the White’s Estate is that there is only 3% of her work that comes from outside sources, but the evidence shows different (read “The White Lie” for more). Ellen G. White was dishonest, her words came from other people, not from God. 
(1John 4:1 [KJV])
Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

Be blessed in understanding.

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The White Lie

“Ellen Gould White in the mid 1800s began a career that led to her becoming the acknowledged “personage” of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. A century and a quarter afterward, in the mid-1970s, one of her longtime devotees began to disclose evidence from his research that raised sobering questions as to the official church position on Ellen White…. This book grew out of the author’s own quest for answers to compelling questions concerning this woman…. The White Lie reveals a portion of Walter Rea’s evidence that much of what several generations have been taught concerning Ellen White’s writings simply is not true — or at the minimum, it is enormously overstated. The books of numerous writers of her time, and earlier, are known to have been accessible to her. The large number of them that were in personal collection at her death in 1915 were inventoried and have been available to the White Estate Staff. ” — From the Foreward “This book seeks to trace the birth, growth, and full bloom of the white lie in Adventism. It cannot explain all the strings that bind us, Gulliver-like, on our travel — because access is thus far denied to many sources of the facts. It can only point the reader to certain sources so that he can see for himself what is there to be seen.” –From the Prologue. Get your copy of the White Lie on Amazon

The History of Protestantism

When Martin Luther rebelled against the Church of Rome and nailed his Ninety-five Theses to a church door in Wittenberg he sent shock waves through the Christian World. This was the beginning of the Protestant Reformation, which would cleave Christendom in two. But where did Luther’s ideas come from? And what actually occurred during the Reformation? James Aitken Wylie in his seminal work, The History of Protestantism explains the origins of this religious revolution through to its impact across the world. Get your copy of  “The History of Protestantism” on Amazon

The Great Controversy

This edition of The Great Controversy Between Christ and Satan – Ellen White’s history of Christianity – is unabridged with all forty-two chapters, the appendix, and the original notes included.

Throughout her detailed and lengthy treatise, White focuses upon the conflict between Jesus Christ and Satan across various periods of Christian history. Beginning with the Destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD, we advance chronologically through the early Christian persecutions, to the Renaissance-era Reformations of Europe, and to the spread of Christian beliefs around the world and particularly to America.

In this text, White presents Christian history and events as signifying the cosmic battle of duality between Jesus Christ and Satan. The various incidents described are, according to White, manifestations of this battle on Earth. Key players such as the Papacy, together with various saints and prophets are also described as playing influential parts in the ongoing battle. Get your copy of  “The Great Controversy” on Amazon

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