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Video Presentation: These presentations on ADL experiences are shared by people looking through different lenses. What do we mean? If an experience happens that is totally strange to you, you can only understand it with the existing knowledge you have. You will struggle to make sense of it if your knowledge comes up short. What you must remember is that our world must be understood through the scope of scripture (God’s lens /His light – see pg 3). God our creator of everything gives us glimpses of what happens to us after we die, you only need to read His book to find out. The scientific secular world is totally against the concept of God, Yeshua (Jesus), the Holy Ghost, angels, heaven, satan, demons, and hell; the fact is, the evidence from people that come back to physical life from death says differently; in a loud and clear voice. Everyone that goes through an ADL event is transformed into believing that there is more to this life after we die (even solid atheist are changed into believers – see presentation 4).
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Here is an example of how to use a biblical analysis against this ADL/NDS subject using presentation 4 on this page:

Story: This atheist was given what looks like a tour and some details relate back to scripture.

Observation as we listen to the many NDEs on the internet:
Many people that have this experience, that are not believers (sinners) say that they were welcomed into a realm of immense love, with no judgment, etc. However, the scripture is clear, no one that works iniquity (sins) will see the Kingdom of Heaven (Matt 7:23). Only the people that have their faith in Christ will enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Info from Presentation 4:

1. A being that is identified as Christ says to the atheist that sin cannot be allowed into heaven. This confirms what scripture says (1Cor 6:9-11) – listen from point 2:11 to 3:12.

2. IT APPEARS THAT PEOPLE WHO DIE AND GO TO HELL ARE DECEIVED BY WHAT THEY SEE. HELL IS TRANSFORMED INTO A GLORIOUS PLACE THAT “SEEMS” LIKE HEAVEN – listen from point 10:05 to 11:25. We are reminded in scripture that satan has the ability to transform himself into an angel of light (2 Cor11:14)

Observation on point 2: satan may know full well that there is a possibility that the person may be resuscitated back to the earth realm, so he stages hell to make it look like you are safe in heaven. If your body on earth reaches the point of no return, then you see that you are not in heaven but in hell. However, if you go back, your last memory of the afterlife will tell you that everything will be all right, so you continue in your sin; you have been deceived.
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As you listen to all the presentations remember what God’s word says and apply it to your understanding. Be Blessed.

1. A famous Cardiac Surgeon's shares stories on life after death experiences(12:27)

2. What really happens when you Die? | End-of-life-phenomena explained by Peter Fenwick (59:28)

3. Laurin Bellg shares on near-Death Experiences in the ICU (1:12:24)

4. What this Atheist Saw in Hell after he died is FRIGHTENING !!! Bryan Melvin ADL Testimony (19:58)

5. The Profound Death Experience of Dr Anthony Cicoria l Anthony Cicoria and Lynn Fishman RN. (20:13)

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