Video Presentation: The “Black Jew” in the first presentation is confident in believing that he understands the word of God. He believes that only “black Jews” are going to be saved. Is this true? We invite you to watch the presentation and come to your own conclusion. In the second presentation, Pastor Dowel uses a live demonstration to show you that the Black only doctrine of salvation does make sense.

1. Two unsuspecting Mormon girls visit a “black Jew” and gets schooled in "doctrine"(20:39)

2. Pastor Dowell exposing The False Doctrine of The Hebew Israelites Gentiles Can Be Saved (43:49)

3. Pastor Dowell: Only Black People Can Be Israelites; Gentile Race Doctrine Obliterated (49:26)

Doctrinal Discourse between TTGM and a Friend on same topic:
All the nations will be gathered against Israel..
(Zech 12:3 [KJV])
And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.

Friend of TTGM wrote: Who then are Jews, of course in the last days?

TTGM: The Jews are the descendants of Judah (the southern Israeli tribe). This is the tribe that God has brought back to the land in the Middle East. Whereas the other tribes of Israel are still dispersed in the nations – some may have returned already. This is our belief.

Friend of TTGM wrote: You may want to consider Gal 3:29 compared with Rom 2:27- 29.

TTGM: We have… the text speaks of the heart (inward). Let us quantify it. These men were born in the line (descendants) of Abraham to Jacob. They were circumcised according to the covenant etc. However, they are being disobedient to the law and they are also not of Christ (inwardly), our Lord at one point called their father, the devil. These “Jews” are men with uncircumcised hearts. In other words, they are Jews in the carnal, but spiritually in God they have no part.

Consider John 8:38 – Christ questions if they were Abraham’s children. Not because of birth but rather of their works.

Considers John 8:44 – Christ calls these people no children of Abraham, but rather their father is of the devil.

But who are they, who is Christ talking to? The BOOK calls them Jews – see john 8:48 ; then answered the Jews

In short, by blood they are descendants of Abraham – Judah and others, however by the spirit (inward heart), they are not.

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