Video Presentations: Many Muslims will say to you there is only one Qur’an, that it has been perfectly preserved, and that all Qur’ans around the world are absolutely identical. They have said this in order to prove that the Qur’an is superior to the Bible. Maybe a Muslim has said this to you, or maybe you are a Muslim and have said this to others? To the Muslims that read this, TTGM will just provide the evidence. Our purpose is not to discredit any religion, we share the evidence and leave it to the reader/observer to decide what is true. 

To date, there are THIRTY-ONE versions of the Qur’an that are written in Arabic. For the purpose of time, we will just compare two versions out of the thirity-one for you to see the differences.  

1. Al Fadi and Dr. Jay Smith introduce how the multiple versions were found (17:49). Visit CIRA International on their channel to find the other videos on this topic.  

2. Al Fadi and Dr. Jay Smith discuss the differences in the Qur’an versions (22:19)

3. This is what happens when the truth is exposed (5:40)

4. An Arabic speaker reads two (2) separate Qur’an versions and meets the truth. The TRUTH can be a bitch (especially when you want to hold on to the lie) (5:40)

5. May the Qur’an rest in peace. In this video, Dr Jay buries the Qur’an with deep research and sound historical facts. We encourage you to sit fasten your seatbelt and prepare to hear the truth. Book 1  | Book 2 -Contradictions in early Qur’an manuscripts  (1:12:15)

A COMPARISON BETWEEN TWO ARABIC QUR'ANS - The Qur'an according to Imam Hafs and Imam Warsh


Arabic uses dots (i’jam) to distinguish certain letters that are written the same way. For instance, the basic symbol  represents five different letters in Arabic depending upon where the diacritical dots are placed:  baa’,  taa’,  thaa’,  nuun,  yaa’. Here we see another difference between these two Qur’ans; they do not have the dots in the same place. The result is that different letters are formed.

we give mercy … 2:58
he gives mercy … 2:57
There are different letters at the beginning of these words. This difference changes the meaning from “we” to “he”.
you (plural) say … 2:140
they say … 2:139
There are different letters at the beginning of these words. This difference changes the meaning from “you” to “they”.
… we shall raise up … 2:259
… we shall revive/make alive … 2:258
There are different root letters in these words and this makes two different words. The two words have a similar meaning but are not identical.
I gave you … 3:81
We gave you … 3:80
There are different letters in the middle of these words. This difference changes the meaning from “I” to “we”.
he gives them … 4:152
we give them … 4:151
There are different letters at the beginning of these words. This difference changes the meaning from “we” to “he”.
hum `ibadu l-rahmani
… they are slaves of the Most Gracious … 43:19
hum `inda l-rahmani
… they are with the Most Gracious … 43:19
The middle letter of the middle word is different in these verses. This changes the meaning of these words significantly: In the Hafs version, the word is a noun and means slaves while in the Warsh version the word is a preposition and means with. Thus, the verses have a different meanings.

Credit goes to “Answering Islam” for the material supplied

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To the Muslims that may feel offended that TTGM shared the discussions and the evidence, PLEASE DO NOT KILL US. 

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