Video Presentation: TTGM believes that The Shroud of Turin is one of the most well-known artifacts in modern time that depicts the burial body of Yeshua. Here we have a collection of both anecdotal and scientific evidence on the shroud. The first presentation is about two young children that have seen Yeshua in visions when they were 4 years old. We hope you enjoy the presentations. Be blessed. See Also, “they saw the face of Yeshua”. 

These facts stand:
1. The blood on the shroud remains red and has not turned dark.
2. You cannot make out the image on the shroud if you are less than 10 ft away.
3. The image on the shroud was recognized only after it was photographed.
4. There is no other image in the world like the one found on the shroud.
5. Experts have compared the vision’s facial image of Yeshua that was painted by Aliane Kramarik to the one on the shroud and found an 80-90% likeness.
6. The age of the shroud is believed to be from the time of the Massiah.

1. We have two people from different backgrounds with one common denominator; they both saw what Yeshua looked like in a vision at 4 years old. Akiane Kramarik and Colton Burpos. (5:46)

2. New 3D Images from The Shroud Of Turin - Introduction (3:59)

3. Evidence for the Shroud of Christ! Resurrection (48:15)

3a. JESUS THE NAZARENE" found hidden in Image of Shroud of Turin - How Did it Get There? (17:57)

4. The Shroud and the Jew: Barrie Schwortz (photographer of the shroud) (24:10)

5. Shroud Of Turin Image was ALIVE & MOVING [Moment of Resurrection?] - (15:57)

6. The Shroud Of Turin - Fact or Fiction? (1:14:12)

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