Video Presentation: Prince Charles ticks all the boxes to be identified as the anti-christ. In this paper, we present the man behind the research and the evidence.

Tim Cohen gives us years of research that brought him to conclude that Price Charles is identified as the anti-christ (1:46:08)

We present the findings as stated in the video here

The number 666 is confirmed in ALL directions. 
“Prince Charles of Wales in actual Hebrew is pronounced ‘Nasich Charles Mem Wales’. The Hebrew pronunciation itself equals 666 in Gematria. Is it a coincidence that Prince Charles official title ‘Prince Charles of Wales’ equates to 666 in its English form and corresponding Hebrew and Greek forms. And then even when translated from English into Hebrew and then compared to Gematria it still equals 666. The statistical odds are astronomical making this absolutely impossible and a complete modern miracle.”

Source Document

The Beast associated with Prince Charles - The Red Dragon

The Red Dragon is assocaited with Prince Charles.

“Prince Charles’ official coat of arms contains all of the Biblical symbols of the Antichrist described in Revelation 13. The prince is heir apparent to the British throne.

This includes the body of a leopard, the feet of a bear, and the head of a lion. The prince’s motto, “Ichi Dien” means I serve. It is followed by a red dragon, representing Satan, possibly meaning the prince serves Satan”.

Source Document

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