Video Presentations: On this page, you will hear both sides of the argument about what the Earth looks like from space. Is it a Globe or is it Flat? After reviewing the arguments, TTGM believes it is Globe/Sphere. 

1. Dave McKeegan discusses the moon in relation to the flat Earther's understanding (18:03)

2. Nathan Oakley tried to destroy my video (23:40)

3. The Flat Earth vs Globe compared (45:13)

4. Flat Earth "Science" -- Wrong, but not Stupid (15:50)

The fact that the Earth is not flat has been proven through various scientific experiments and observations throughout history. Here are a few examples:

  1. The observation of Earth’s shadow during a lunar eclipse: During a lunar eclipse, the Earth’s shadow falls on the Moon, creating a curved shadow that is visible to observers on Earth. This curved shadow is only possible if the Earth is spherical. If the Earth was flat we would see the thin side of the Earth when it is reflected on the moon.
  2. The observation of ships disappearing over the horizon: As a ship sails away from the shore, it gradually disappears from view, with the bottom of the ship disappearing first. This is because the Earth’s surface curves away from the observer, making it impossible to see the entire ship at once. This phenomenon can only occur on a curved surface.
  3. If you hold a laser light on the shore and you place a laser light detector on a boat that sails away in a straight line, what do you find? As the boat gets further away the straight laser light goes higher and higher on the detector. This means the boat is going down as the Earth’s surface on the sea bends according to its curvature.  
  4. The measurements of Earth’s curvature: Scientists have been able to measure the curvature of the Earth using a variety of methods, including measuring the angle of the Sun’s rays at different locations on Earth, and observing the horizon from high altitudes.
  5. The fact that different constellations are visible in different parts of the world: If the Earth were flat, the same constellations would be visible from all locations on Earth. However, this is not the case, as different constellations are visible from different parts of the world.
  6. The rotation of the constellations is different when we observe them in the northern and southern hemispheres. If the earth was flat the rotation would be the same at all points (IT IS NOT).
  7. When cameras are on rockets that are launched into space the image of the Earth always looks like a sphere. There is no underside of the earth that appears flat or conical (you only need to look at videos from the space station). 
  8. Where does the water go at the end of the earth? Some say the Earth’s floor is surrounded by an ice wall. The counter is if that is the case, why does the sun not melt this ice?
  9. Satellites fly in a straight line, they have no fuel to continue changing direction, what will happen to them when they reach the end of a flat earth? 
  10. Pilots in planes have to factor in the curvature of the earth to get the distance correct to ensure they have adequate fuel in the tank. 
  11. Engineers laying cables over large distances have to factor in the curvature of the earth to get the lengths correct. 
  12. THE MOON. The moon does not have its own light source. If the sun and the moon are not seen together in the same night sky where is the light on the moon coming from if the Earth is flat? If the sun is over there out of sight, only half the moon will be lite when we observe it from the ground. Also, the light will be seen as a straight line, and not a curve. The only way we can have a full moon that shows light is if the Sun is behind the Earth on the other side. Orbits of the moon and the Sun are shown above a Flat Earth in all their models. Last, a blood moon can only occur with the Globe model.
  13. THE SUN. Given the intense light that comes from the sun, if the Earth was flat everyone will always see the sun during the day, and there will be no night. What we see at sunset is the sun going down and disappearing behind the horizon (not getting smaller and smaller, we see half, three-quarters and then it disappears). Flat Earth models show the sun spot covering the earth with light. How can this be, as light surrounds the sun? In other words, the day is not over a spot point but rather it covers half of the earth. Half of the Earth is day and the other half behind the sun is night. 
  14. THE CLOUDS. After the sun goes down on the horizon, the light is still conducted into the clouds and they appear luminous. This luminosity disappears after some time. Only the global model explains this occurrence. 

    Evidence or lack thereof:
    1. To date there are no pictures that show a flat Earth from its believers. The only things we see are drawings or animated images.
    2. There are no commercial pilots that we know of that actually came forward with evidence to prove the Earth is flat.  
    3. There are several models of the flat Earth. None of these models can explain what happens to the moon’s orbit around our planet (shadows and distance).  The only model that works for how we understand the moon’s orbit is the Earth being a sphere/globe.
    4. The  MOON: The moon is said to be a light source by flat Earthers; it gives off its own light. If it is a light source why can a shadow be seen on it? No light source can show a shadow, just turn on a torch light and try to cast a shadow on the beam (light ALWAYS displaces the darkness). Also, why would this light source turn blood red? The moon’s surface is said by some to be flat, however, if you look at the moon’s surface the craters are circular front on, but oblong when viewed to the left and right. This shows it is a sphere when looking from our perspective/Earth. 

In conclusion, these observations and measurements provide strong evidence that the Earth is not flat, but rather a sphere.

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