Video Presentation: We have video evidence that shows a walker/wheelchair-bound person being healed in minutes while attending a church service. Two days after the MIRACLE she visited her physiotherapist’s office. The story continues in the video. As He (Yeshua/Jesus) did in the days He walked on earth and healed, He is still doing it today. 

1. Here we have Sherrie Roberts’ story of being HEALED after being in a walker/wheelchair for years. nb. This miracle occurred in 2021 and this video was only published on November 23, 2023, and Sherrie is still doing well. (5:30)

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The healing miracle with Sherrie Roberts occurred in 2021 and she is still well today. On November 23th, 2023, the video of her story was published on the YouTube channel called ANUDDA BAJAN. Today a friend sent the video to Bajan Eagle asking why God is not healing as much today. He knows many are sick and he is asking why. Here is an extract of what he wrote to the Bajan Eagle on November 24, 2023.

Errol wrote to Bajan Eagle on Nov 24, 2023.
All The BEST to you!

I can attest to the content of this video being TRUE and invite you to watch this 5-minute clip. My family and I have known Sherrie Roberts for over 20 years. We know about the severe health challenges that she has faced, especially over the last 5 years, along with some MIRACULOUS EXPERIENCES. Seeing Sherrie and hearing her three nights ago recount this HEALING EXPERIENCE was encouraging to me and added to my faith. The response seen as she WALKED into her physiotherapist’s office two days after being HEALED moved me to tears. My first EXPERIENCE of HEALING was when God HEALED me in January 1997, without me even asking! While I BELIEVE & KNOW that HEALING is REAL and have been involved in others being HEALED ” spasmodically” over the years, I am still seeking to understand what is necessary if HEALING is to be EXPERIENCED ” consistently” by many. I have been praying & hoping for HEALING for some family members (including my wife, daughters, Mom, sister & in-laws), and several friends for various lengths of time….. 

— —

Bajan Eagle’s Response on Nov 23, 2023.
Blown away, I am.

I will share my own story of healing with you. I, too, was healed by God many years ago. I was suffering from sessions of blackouts that would come on me without notice (not full-scale fainting, but at the start of it; it was scary). One day, I was working alone in the parish of St John, and a blackout started to come on. The day started to get dark in my eyes. I remember thinking something like this (and I was calm), Lord, I hand myself over to you. And that was it, the state I was in reversed, and I never felt a blackout coming on again, ever (this is now 40 years later).

On how God heals? I will get back to that. This story that you shared, I will share it with the world this morning. To my 20 million audience.

Love you, my friend.

I will now share about God’s healing and how it works with Errol and the world. 

— — —  –


What I share here is for them who Love God and obey His voice/words/Bible.

When we go before God we must be in order. You will notice that even though Sherrie was at a church the focus was not on her (she was not being prayed for, she was just being held by two people). When Bajan Eagle got healed, he was not even in a church, he was in the country by himself. GOD IN HIS MERCY WILL HEAL WHOM HE PLEASES AND IT WILL BE DONE IN HIS TIME. 

Regarding laying on of hands to heal others, and why it is not the norm to work. As I said before, when we go before God we must be in order, and here is what is required.  A HOLY GOD does not accept any and everyone coming before Him in any which way. IT MUST BE DONE THE WAY GOD WANTS IT. Here is the order.

  1. A person must first REPENT of their sins.

  2. You must love Yeshua and KEEP His Commandments.
    John 14:15 If ye love me, keep my commandments. (many in the church do not obey His Commandments, instead they work iniquity)

  3. After you obey John 14:15, Yeshua will ask (pray) the Father to give you another Comforter (Holy Spirit)
    John 14:16 And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever; (the power to heal comes from the Comforter)

  4. God in His word gives us all the commandments to follow when it comes to healing. So if we obey using oil with the laying on of hands and our lives are still in iniquity, we are wasting our time as many do today. God does not hear sinners. NOTE: God in His mercy may still heal someone; not because of what the people are doing (praying) but rather His mercy for the person receiving the prayer.

  5. FINALLY. We must be in a covenant with God and for our part we must love Him (Yeshua/God/Jesus) with the keeping of His commandments.

    Salvation (order) is about being in a covenant with God.

    The Bible is not a religious book. It is a book about a King with a Kingdom and how it works. It has a King (Yeshua), a Kingdom/Domain (God’s domain), citizens (not members), and a Law (God’s law as written in the Torah). To get into God’s Kingdom we have to enter into a covenant and live it. Covenant = God does His part and we (man) do our part.

    In the Old Covenant/Testament (OC), this is the agreement – Moses is writing in his hand what he is told by God.
    Exodus 20:6 And shewing mercy (God’s part) unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments (our part).

    In the New Covenant (NC), this is the agreement – Yeshua/Jesus is speaking to His people.
    John 14:15 If ye love me, keep my commandments (our part). 14:16 And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter (God’s part, called mercy), that he may abide with you for ever;

    In the OC, we had the imperfect blood of animals we needed to offer again and again every year to forgive our sins. We were under the law.

    In the NC (called the better covenant), we have the PERFECT blood of Yeshua. It was offered once to forgive our sins past, present, and future.

    By faith, we believe/love in Him and keep His commandments. We are now under grace. Note: It is faith in Yeshua that saves us, not keeping the commandments. WE CANNOT GET INTO GOD’S KINGDOM BY WORKS ALONE; only our faith in Yeshua saves us.

    And that is the Gospel. We must understand what the covenant means and live it by keeping our part of the requirement. 

    Will God heal everyone after they/we are in order?
    God will do what He is pleased to do. We need to start being in the right place with God and this goes for both the healer and the sick. 

    We leave you with this, from His word.
    (Isa 40:31 [KJV])
    But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

    Be blessed in understanding.

Do you have a story of healing with clear video evidence? Contact us if you do not mind sharing.

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