Dave Hunt

(1926-2013), David Charles Haddon Hunt was an American Christian apologist, speaker, radio commentator and author. He was in full-time ministry from 1973 until his death. The Berean Call, which highlights Hunt’s material, was started in 1992. From 1999 to 2010, he also hosted Search the Scriptures Daily radio ministry alongside T.A. McMahon.  Hunt traveled to the Near East, lived in Egypt, and wrote numerous books on theology, prophecy, cults, and other religions, including critiques of Catholicism, Islam, Mormonism, and Calvinism, among others. Hunt’s Christian theology was evangelical dispensational and he was associated with the Plymouth Brethren movement.

Early life
David Charles Haddon Hunt was born on September 30, 1926, in Riverside, California, to Lillie and Albert Hunt. He was raised in a Christian family, with two other siblings. As a young man, he also spent time in the military, at the end of World War II. He was an alumnus of UCLA. From June 24, 1950, until his death, Hunt was married to his college sweetheart, Ruth Klaussen (1926–2013), who together raised four children: David Jr., Janna, Karen and Jon. He worked as a CPA before his entry into full-time ministry.

Hunt believed occult or pagan influences are pervasive in modern culture – this includes evolution, as well as all forms of psychology, some forms of entertainment, yoga, and some forms of medicine. His book Occult Invasion is dedicated to this area, while several other books mention it in part.

Hunt was a strict Biblical Creationist – refutations of evolution and theistic evolution were a frequent topic of his radio programs, Search the Scriptures Daily and According to God’s Word.

…I think you’ve got to be very stubborn to reject God and to say evolution—it all happened by chance. No rational person could support that thesis. And I would challenge anybody….—you know the more they get down—when we discovered electron microscopes and we got down to the molecular level of life, we found that it was far more complex than Darwin realized.

Extract from en.wikipedia.org

A Call For Reformation - Dave Hunt (1:12:42)

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