Charles John Ellicott

(1819–1905) was a distinguished English Christian theologian, academic and churchman. He briefly served as Dean of Exeter,[1] then Bishop of the united see of Gloucester and Bristol.

Early life
Ellicott was born in Whitwell, Rutland on 25 April 1819. He was educated at Stamford School and St John’s College, Cambridge. He married Constantia Ann Becher at St Marylebone Parish Church, London on 31 July 1848. One of their children was the composer Rosalind Ellicott.

Ecclesiastical career
Following his ordination into the Anglican ministry in 1848, he was Vicar of Pilton, Rutland and then Professor of Divinity at King’s College London and Hulsean Professor of Divinity at Cambridge. In 1861, he was appointed Dean of Exeter. Two years later he was nominated the bishop of the united sees of Gloucester and Bristol on 6 February and consecrated on 25 March 1863. In 1897, he resigned the bishopric of Bristol, but continued as Bishop of Gloucester until resigning on 27 February 1905. He died in Kent on 15 October 1905, aged 86.

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