(1John 3:4[KJV])
Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the law: for sin is the transgression of the law.

The simple fact is the law of God does not speak to modern day practices. TTGM will show how to determine if a practice is sin in the eyes of God.

Sin is the transgression of God’s law. However, the law of God could not include every practice that we see today, if it did the book would be much bigger. What we will do is give an example and use scripture to understand the mind of God and apply His thinking (His Way) to determine if the practice is sin.

The example:
If a woman has no husband and no children, is it a sin for her to get artificially inseminated to bring a child into the world?

Before we get to the answer we must outline what the Bible is as we will use the Law of God to determine if our example is sin.

  1. The Bible is not a religious book, it is a legal book. It is a book about a people that have a King (Yeshua), with a Kingdom and a law (Torah/Commandments). The Bible gives a history that shows how God judged man’s behavior (practices) based on His commandments. 
  2.  All of God’s law (commandments)  is based on love. Not keeping God’s commandments is hate (sin).
  3. At the end of our days, we will all be JUDGED by the Law of God and NOT the traditions of men. It is imperative that we know and understand how the law of God is applied.
  4. When we look at practice we must apply a judicial approach. We must investigate and involve all the parties that are part of the practice and then judge accordingly in relation to what they do.  

We look at the parties that are directly involved and not the facilitators of the practice (attorneys/doctors/nurses etc). 1. the man that donated the sperm. It is not truly a donation but rather he sold his seed to make a buck. 2. The woman that has no husband. This is a woman that has no covering (the man is the head/covering of a woman). Note: TTGM will write in the terms of God’s word. Why? We will be judged on what is written. 

What are the results that occur after a woman decides to birth a child after artificial insemination and is there a possibility of sin?
There is no father. Imagine growing up not knowing your father, not knowing if he is dead or alive (is this love?). Not knowing your father and not knowing if he had other children may put a person in a position to become one flesh (sex/fall in love) with their own sister or brother. It is a small world and the possibility of sin in this regard is very real. It is written.
(Lev 18:9 [KJV])
The nakedness of thy sister, the daughter of thy father, or daughter of thy mother, whether she be born at home, or born abroad, even their nakedness thou shalt not uncover.

The man that sells his seed, is it a sin to do so?
A man that sells his seed is selling His children. Men are commanded to raise their children in the way they should go (by God’s commandments). How can a man sell his seed to not know if his child will be raised in the way he should go. Will you as a man sell or give away your seed to a woman that would raise your child unto the devil to end up in hell? 
Prov 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

TTGM concludes it is sin for a man to dispose of his seed without knowing what would become of his children. This world no longer sees its children as being precious. The way we kill our children in the womb is an example of this. No seed belonging to a man should be on the market for the use of any and everyone. The sin starts with the man. Does it make it right for the woman to use a man’s seed if available? If you know someone that got a car by stealing (sin) it, would it be righteous for you to borrow it to conduct your business?

Be blessed in understanding. 

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