(Gen 2:24 [KJV])
Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.

What does becoming “one flesh” really mean? THIS IS STUNNING RESEARCH

This research information HAS NOT been carried by the mainstream media for obvious reasons. We will give you a summary first and you can read and study in-depth on your own. As a woman, if you care about what type of offspring you bring into the world for your lifelong man, this is for you.

First, we will like to clarify what the biblical definition of marriage is (this is not the Pope’s way of marriage given to the world in the year 1563). In this presentation, you will learn that sex is marriage (called knowing in scripture). You can click on this link to know what marriage is.

Summary of Study:

Scientific research work has found that when sperm from a male enters a female (insect or mammal), the DNA stays in her body for the rest of her life and changes her makeup in a way that even affects the traits of a child born to another male. In other words, the research shows that if the female becomes pregnant for a different male (not the first she was intimate with); the DNA from the previous male(s) can influence the traits (looks) of the newborn child. So what happens when a woman has had multiple partners before her first baby? While looking at a child growing up, have you ever heard the comment, he/she does not look like the Father/Mother and everyone is wondering who the child resembles? Well, this may be the answer, read on and also listen to these presentations in the process – HERE.  We are reminded, it is written.
(1Cor 6:15 [KJV])
Know ye not that your bodies are the members of Christ? shall I then take the members of Christ, and make them the members of an harlot? God forbid.


Written by Roosh Valizadeh

Compelling new scientific research has shown that female insects and mammals are able to absorb foreign DNA throughout the cells of their bodies. In human beings, this phenomenon has been conclusively shown to occur in women during pregnancy where genetic material from her growing fetus becomes fused within areas of her brain, affecting her chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

The evidence now shows that female animals can incorporate sperm DNA from her prior sex partners. This foreign DNA winds up in future children after the woman successfully reproduces with a completely different male. In the human world, this means that the children a man has with a promiscuous woman could possess genes from previous sexual partners he has never seen or met.

There are existing sociological studies that show a marriage is far more likely to fail when a woman had more than two prior sexual partners, but now renewed support for the once-questionable field of telegony is showing that there are also genetic reasons not to start a family with a promiscuous woman: children you have with her may have their gene pool polluted by her random affairs and one-night stands.

Telegony is an idea first proposed by Aristotle that claims offspring can inherit genes from the mother’s previous sexual partners. This idea was not scientifically supported until evidence piled up of microchimerism, the phenomenon of foreign DNA becoming incorporated into the genome of an individual. This was first noted to happen in the case of blood transfusions. If you have received blood while in a state of trauma, your donor’s DNA can become incorporated into your genome. Surprisingly little research has been done on microchimerism since then, but all signs point to this being a widespread and common genetic phenomenon throughout the animal kingdom.

A groundbreaking study on flies last year showed the process of females incorporating DNA from previous male partners and then exhibiting that male DNA into future spawn they had with completely different males.

……. The above study has two seismic implications. The first is that a woman can absorb enough DNA during her lifetime that it changes her phenotype (i.e. her appearance and overall health state). There could be some truth to the phrase “slut face” in which highly promiscuous women suffer a change to their appearance because of all the variable sperm from different males that have been deposited inside them.

The second implication stems from the fact that it’s scientifically conclusive that single mothers have DNA of their bastard children residing permanently within their bodies. Any man who reproduces with a single mom will have a child that contains DNA from the bastard spawn, which of course includes DNA from the absentee father. This means that men can be genetically cuckolded without being traditionally cuckolded and that having a baby with a single mom is essentially giving the father of her first child a bonus prize in the game of evolution.

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TTGM: Given the nature of this topic, there is little doubt that any further research funding would not be made available towards determining if the above information holds true for humans. The fact is, a woman is changed whenever she takes another man into her body (if she wants to admit it or not). We encourage you to listen to presentation 2. We encourage women if you are going to become one with anyone, choose very carefully; so that your child may look like him; we are sure you would not want your next child to be (and look) wholly like your Ex (or one of your Exes). Again, to all women we say, you were not designed by God to go from one man to the next as society freely dictates as okay; we encourage you to become one, and with “only” one.

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