(2Pet 1:20 [KJV])
Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.
dividing the word of truth.

For years we hear that Christianity has different interpretations of the Bible. Some doctrines are so far apart like the east is from the west, it seems like utter confusion. The first body of believers were not confused, they were of one accord. If your read the entire Old and New Testament there were no major issues over doctrine as we see today. TTGM gives our answer why the confusion. Read on.

Why so many different interpretations of the Bible?

We will give one example of a book where the interpretation is consistent. Then we will show you where matters involving the Bible differ.

1. The laws are kept consistent in all classes of physics books.
2. The interpretation of the law (study of physics) is drawn from books that are consistent. For the most part, this is why we will get the same questions being answered the same way.

1. The laws/instructions are not kept consistent from the Bible. Today, there are versions of the Bible that have over 50,000 words missing (including complete verses). Watch Presentations 2 & 3. How can you have a consistent theology/doctrine across the board if your Books are different? This is why for the English language TTGM recommends ONE Book of study, the Authorized Version; the King James Version (NOT the new King James). For a summary answer on this subject watch Presentation 4. Watch the other presentations for a greater understanding.

2. We were warned the Bible is not for our own private interpretation (2Peter1:20). To sound good and acceptable people MAKE UP THINGS AND SOUND IT IN A WAY TO MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY. When people speak or make comments about the Bible, just ask them to show you the scripture that supports what they are saying. You will get silence (REM: Gino Jennings look foolish moment).

The Solution.
Settle on one Bible that was not corrupted by copyright law and or by any man’s wish to change what God said. Then when you speak let the Bible be your final authority. Should anyone say to you show it from the Bible, you will be in a position to do just that. This is what we do. After you have settled on one Bible and let it interpret itself, you would become in one accord with others who do the same (students of physics)

Be blessed in understanding and be no longer deceived. 

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