Video Presentation: Concern: Before the 1970’s women were focused on birthing children and building homes/families. Today’s women have become self-focused (career and image are more important, having children is seen as a keep back to their progression in life). As a result, the western birthrates have fallen to dangerously low levels. A record number of marriages are breaking up – 50-60% fail. Little or no thought is given to this condition that affects both Christian and Secular women. If you care you will listen and understand.

Remember this: The wise woman builds a home, the foolish woman destroys it. It is written.
(Prov 14:1 [KJV])
Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.

Remember this also: Never before in human history have women become the leaders that they are today. The roles have been reversed since the obvious and continuing emasculation of young boys and men. God’s word records the results in the book of Isaiah.
(Isa 3:12 [KJV])
As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule (since the 1970s and on) over them. O my people, they (women) which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.

Here we have virtuous women that have returned to the Torah life and have submitted to their husbands – Watch Presentations.

1. Is the Feminist movement of God? Watch. (12:44)

2. What is happening to “real” men? They are being emasculated. (4:36)

3. The destruction of men continues by our feminist driven culture (13:55)

4. Discrimination against men is rampant worldwide (5:13)

5. CNN reports the hard truth about the happiness of today’s women (2:55). The question asked is why? The answer is an easy one, When you leave your designed role as a woman to become something else, you will be broken. Women were created to be a help meet – to give to husband, child and country - virtuous | Through the feminist ideology today’s women have become self-centered and uncaring towards others - ungodly. If you have become a destroyer and foolish, what is said on this page will not matter to you. Or hopefully, it does, and you will become a man/woman of God that is directed to make a change in your life. Be blessed.

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