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When does marriage begin between a man and a woman? PAGE 3 (Pg1, Pg2, Pg4.)

The Forgotten Meaning?

This is the response page. See if you can answer the questions before looking at the answers.

(all scripture taken from the KJV)


Remember the definition given for “The World” and “The World’s Church”  from Page 1:


Questions & Statements

The World’s response (general answers)

The World’s Church response (general answer)

When does marriage begin between a man and a woman?


When the two agree to get married and they set a date for a formal ceremony. On the date of the ceremony, they will have to sign legal documents; (legal: representing the contractual agreement). On the date of the ceremony and only after the legal documents are signed are they married.


This can also occur at the court with no religious ceremony, as long as the agreement is signed by both parties; then they are married.

When the two agree to get married, they then set a date for a formal ceremony. And on that date of the ceremony, they will have to sign legal documents; (legal: representing the contractual agreement). On the date of the ceremony and only after the agreement is signed are they considered married by most of our world churches.


Also, some of our churches may or may not recognize the legal signing “only” and possibly treat the couple as “living in sin”, until or after they get an official church ceremony. 


If two people (man and woman) that were virgins from the start, meet each other and decide to get married. They then both go privately and know* each other, are they doing wrong in God’s eyes? (without church or state involvement)



*Knowing (or to Know) is the correct rendering for two people coming together (or becoming one flesh) as given by the Word (God) – the word sex was given by the world with dire consequences – another page, another story, another study for another time.



Get it on. As long as they are two consenting adults, not a problem. In fact it can be two men going at it together (or two women). Hey, better yet a foursome… As long as everyone is consenting and you are not hurting anyone else, it's okay (trust me). Sex, Intercourse all the same. To “know” someone is old fashioned language. If you speak like that today, people will think you are off your rocker. Have fun, life is short, enjoy it while you can.


Read:  2 Timothy 3:1-9

Yes, they are doing wrong in God’s eyes, It is SIN. They are committing fornication. They are committing sexual immorality. They need to get the official blessings of the church as well as the state's involvement with the legal paperwork to take care of both the spiritual and natural side of marriage. 


1.       Is there scripture supporting the following: Should two virgins (male and female) come together and know each other is this the SIN of fornication?


Follow up Question from answer 1.

2.       Yes, I understand and agree with Ezekiel 16:26 however on the second point that you made, If a man is married to a woman in Matthew 19:9, and she commits a sexual sin (pornea), this allows for divorce (in God’s eyes), Why then did Jesus not use the Greek word for adultery? Noting the Greek word for adultery is completely different than “pornea”; as you know the word for adultery used in the selfsame chapter and verse is μοιχάωmoichao (moy-khah'-o). Is not adultery the same as a wife having sex with another man? Again, if this is the case, why then did Jesus make this distinction between pornea and moichao, could he not just say moichao and finish the response here? Am I missing something?



1.       Who cares, as I said before, life is short. Live it to the fullest as we do not know how long we have on mother earth!


Follow up Answer to question 2.

2.       Fornication, adultery and now Greek; you kidding me, who cares. Have fun life is short.




Read: Luke 12:19-20

1.       Yes, In Ezekiel 16:26, the sin of fornication is mentioned here. Also Jesus said in Matthew 19:9, that a man can put away his wife only after or except it be for fornication (nothing else will allow for divorce). In other words if he (the husband) is married to a woman and she commits fornication, he the man can divorce her. The word used for fornication in Matthew is πορνείαporneia (por-nei'-ah).


Follow up Answer to question 2.

2.       Hmmm, interesting, I will get back to you on this one. Will consult with students of the Book (Bible) on this one.


We have written to twenty four ministers by email and to date we have gotten the following answers.



Link not updated yet, as we are still Waiting…



If a man got married to a woman and they divorced, and should the woman marry again to another man after the divorce, is this sin? And if it is sin, should we as believers support the wedding? Should this wedding be blessed by the priest/pastor?

Sin? God is love. If it does not work out move on. God forgives everything, even murder. The Bible is an outdated book. What worked then cannot apply now as we have become modernized. Don’t mind that marriages and the world seem to falling apart, it will get better (trust me). We as men have the capacity to be great; we don’t need God’s help, We can make it on our own. Who is God anyway; we have descended from monkeys and apes. So don’t worry about standing before a God with a white beard who sits on a white throne. Come on, drop the it. Marry, marry and, marry (if it does not work out), just be happy. My answer.


Read: Mark 8:38



Well some of our world churches would not touch this couple with a 10 foot pole if one or both were divorced and the previous spouse is still alive based on what Jesus said in Matthew 19:9. In fact when the disciples heard what the only reason for divorce was, they said that it would be “good not to marry” -  see Matthew 19:10


On the other hand a number of other world churches would welcome this couple with open arms no matter what the cause of divorce was.


It all depends on which world church you visit. It is important to remember that we are all under grace and we will be forgiven for all of our sins. Not saying that we divorce with the intention to sin in marriage to someone else, in order to move on; just saying, we will be forgiven.


Page Summary:

[Hos 4:6]

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.


So what is this verse saying?

Priest, Bishops, Pastors, Teachers, Leaders and the body of Christ, who do not teach and preach the true knowledge (commandments and the prophets) of the Book of books (the Bible); God himself will not even remember or be mindful of their children.


So what should we (God’s Church) do?

Priest, Bishops, Pastors, Teachers, Leaders and the body of Christ, need to preach the true knowledge (commandments and the prophets), that they will be found worthy (and not be rejected by God) and their children too will be remembered.





Time to present the same questions to our Lord Jesus - GO TO NEXT PAGE (4)




This article was written to share the truth of God’s Word to the church as it relates to when marriage between a man and a woman begins. When the church truly teaches, “it is written”, then we stand with them on the side of Truth. It is and has been a very controversial subject for the researcher/writer of these pages, but our Lord was not one to shun controversy. He was not one to seek the favor of men; for Him TRUTH came before life and for Truth he died. Are you prepared to die for the Truth?

The Greatest Love of all (John 3:16) 

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life"

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