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Welcome to the Truth of the Gospel Ministry (TTGM).  Here we provide answers, some of which have been long forgotten. In our world there are many religious organizations with people that claim that their way is the "only" way. We are here to examine some of these many paths and claims that can seem quite confusing at times. Also we challenge long established world views and we through the use of evidence demonstrate them to be wanting. We have done extensive research and attempted to validate every fact and claim to the best of our ability - in light of scripture (The Holy Bible). For us, we believe that it is important that a man's eternal destiny should be based on the foundation of Truth (John 14:6), the foundation of God's Holy Word.  

"It is better to be divided in truth, than to be united in a lie"


We have examined the historical and theological foundation of many belief systems in our world today and found many interesting facts. Hidden facts that you may never have known. We invite you to test these facts by using the power of the internet. If we have failed to share correct information, contact us and let us know. Read on and begin the adventure of your life. Also read - understanding salvation.


"Before you join an organization to enter the race for eternal life, examine the  foundation"

and remember what the teacher Yeshua (Jesus) of all teachers said,

Mathew 24:11

And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many

Without Christ, life is a road to HELL
With Christ, life is a road to HOPE



What everyone should know


Some questions come up in your life where they are no easy answers; why am I here, where am I going, what is my purpose and is there something more? One man came and explained all of this and more. Here is the Roman road to what is called Salvation – The road to our Lord Jesus Christ, the King of kings and the Lord of Lords. May you find your destination in Him. See our video presentation  





What everyone should know about the commandments (law) - Videos


Today’s Christians are taught that they only need to obey 1, 2, 9 or 10 commandments. They are almost never taught about the law. Yeshua said, if you love Him, keep His commandments. If you are interested in knowing what He meant by the commandments we invite you to Listen (video) and Read (summary) about the commandments of God.

What every Jewish Israeli  should know - Videos


Are Jewish Israelis the chosen people of G-d? We at TTGM believe that they are, not because they are better than anyone else, but because the G-d of creation made a promise with Abraham and to his seed (Jews). Now there is one Jew that is worth meeting, He is still cursed today by the seed of Abraham. The good news is that some Jews have met Him. Who is He? We invite you to watch and at least consider if He is worth not only meeting but knowing. See our video presentation






What every Mormon should know


The best way to understand an organization like the Mormon Church is to examine its history. Jesus said in one instance, by their fruits you shall know them [Matthew 7:15-20]. We are not going to say that the Mormon church is a false religion. We will only ask that you examine the evidence presented. See our video presentation






What every Jehovah Witness should know


You know them by the knock on your door, then maybe a discussion on the Bible and then a track is left with you. You may not even open the door to let them in, and they go quietly away. Jehovah Witnesses are some of the most hard working and faithful people that you can ever meet. Some of them are friends of the TTGM team and we love them. Again, here we just present the facts. We use only their printed materials, copies of which you can view and print for your own records (free). We hope that your understanding is enriched and when that knock comes, you are better able to discuss and make an informed decision on where you are going to place your salvation. See our video presentation

Read email chat with JW Pioneer on the deity of Christ






What every Roman Catholic should know - Videos


The Roman Catholic church claims to represent the Gospel of Jesus Christ. However when anyone undertakes a close study of the Bible, they will realize that the Catholic church teaches a doctrine far different to what is found in scripture. Here are samples of some of those doctrines that are in conflict with scripture - HERE




What everyone should know about Muslims - Videos


The Muslim faith would say that they are a religion of peace. Are they a religion of peace? By their fruit you should know them. Almost all muslim nations are at war sometime or the other. Let us listen to people that know firsthand the fruit of this “honest” religion. - HERE


You decide if you can trust them.



What everyone should know about the Earth being at the center of Everything


The text books tell us that the earth revolves around the sun. The Bible in almost every instance indicates that it is the sun that moves and not the earth. Is the Bible wrong? If God made the worlds and gave us the scripture, why could He not make this clear in His Holy Word? Wait one minute, new information just came to our attention. We invite you to read and listen to what is not shared in our text books. Can it be the Bible was correct after all? We invite you to discover that our Earth is indeed at the centre of the universe. Presentation Videos






What everyone should know about the translation of the KJV Bible - Video


Here we have a well presented video by the BBC about the King James Bible. Both educational and informative, it gives the viewer a well put together historical insight of that time. We at TTGM hope you enjoy it. See our video presentation


ATTACK on the written Word? We compare to show you the Trend and Motive. See also why we recommend study from the KJV and not NIV.


More video presentations - HERE  (Including mysterious noises heard around the planet) - or visit our video libarary




TheWord Bible SOFTWARE Program is basically a powerful Bible study tool. This program will allow you to view, search, and even create your own study library of notes. We at TTGM highly recommend it.
                          Visit theWord








The Greatest Love of all (John 3:16) 

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life"

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